Creationist Claims Proof Dinos And Humans Co-Existed; Scientists Fire Up Facepalming Machine

Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham
Dinosaurs of Eden by Ken Ham
Ken Ham, known most notably for his massive creationism museum in Kentucky and getting absolutely demolished by Bill Nye in a debate on evolution, now says that he will soon be publishing “world-changing” evidence that demonstrates without a doubt that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

By Jameson Parker|Addicting Info

Along with his co-conspirator Dr. David Menton (a man who generously describes himself as a “creation scientist”), Ham says his revolutionary evidence will show that dinosaurs didn’t die out 65 million years ago, but in Noah’s flood only a few thousands years ago. Before that, humans from Adam and Eve up until Noah’s time lived peacefully with the creatures.

What kind of evidence is Ham suggesting could overturn centuries of careful research by thousands of scientists in the fields of paleontology, geology, evolutionary biology, and other non-creation science sciences? Ironically, it’s fossils. Ham has long been wary of fossils being used as evidence – primarily because they tend to disprove his ideas – but recently he’s softened his position.

In a post on his Answers in Genesis website released on May 27, Ham claims he can explain why scientists (real ones) recently discovered rare fossilized brain tissue in a species of arthropods:

The rock strata that these creatures are found in is not 500 million years old. Brains are difficult to fossilize. Apparently the leader of the study on these brains said, “Brains can fossilize only if the conditions are just right . . . For instance, if an animal is suddenly buried in low-oxygen conditions that are rich in certain minerals, like carbon, its neural tissue would have a chance to fossilize.” What would produce the perfect conditions for such rapid burial? The global Flood of Noah’s day!

You know what else would produce the perfect conditions for such a rapid burial? Just a plain, old-fashioned regular flood in the region where these hapless arthropods happened to live – but I digress.

Ham isn’t finished with just arthropods. To really drive home his point that all fossilized animals can be linked back to Noah’s flood if you squint hard enough, the creationist has acquired a bunch of Edmontosaurus bones that he claims still have much of their bone marrow intact.

Following his logic that soft tissue means recent history, Ham plans to argue these animals only died several thousand years ago.

It’s an interesting theory undone by the really rather minor issue that it’s based on a complete misunderstanding of almost all of biological science. Even worse, it’s not even a new argument. Scientists have spent the last five years debunking similar charges from Ken Ham and company.

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  1. Der Typ hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank, das ist kein Geheimnis

    Die KT-Grenze ist der Übergang von Kreidezeit zu Tertiär und ist weltweit markiert von einer dicken Ascheschicht wischen wenigen Centimetern bis zu Metern Dicke, verursacht durch den Meteoriteneinschlag vor 65 Millionen Jahren. Oberhalb der KT Grenze gibt es nirgendwo Funde von Dino Fossilien, mit der Katastrophe sind die etwa 1200 heute bekannten Dino-Arten innerhalb weniger Wochen ausgestorben.

    Vor 65 Millionen Jahren gab es keine Hominiden oder Primaten, keine Menschen mit Sprache und Schrift und schon gar keine ewig wahre Bibel mit einem Noah. Da war der Prediger und Kreationst Henri Morris in den 60er Jahren schon weiter.

    Der hat damals erkannt, dass Gott selber alle Dino Knochen vergraben hat, um unseren Glauben zu prüfen. Wohl deswegen gelingt es mir nicht auf unserem Grundstück einen Dinoknochen zu finden, so sehr ich den Hund auch auffordere danach zu buddeln

    Gefällt mir

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