Molesting Preacher Walks Free After Sheriff Says He Already Suffered a “Spectacular Fall from Grace”

Image. Friendly Atheist
Over the past few years, Walter Masocha (above), a former lecturer at Scotland’s Stirling University, became leader of the Agape for All Nations Church, a religion of his own creation.

By Hemant Mehta|Friendly Atheist

And he used his authority to molest a young girl and assault another woman:

During the trial the schoolgirl now 16, said she regarded Masocha as her “spiritual father”, and like many people in the church called him “Dad”.

She said in late 2013 she was with other girls in an upstairs games room when Masocha came in and waved her over.

She said: “He placed his hand round my lower back, and moved his hand down until he got to my underwear, and he sort of pinged my underwear.

“He repeatedly pinged my underwear, ran his hand down my bottom, and grabbed and pinched my bottom.”

That’s not all:

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