Ray Comfort: Give My Anti-Gay Movie Awesome Fake Reviews Because Those Who Saw It Hated It

Ray Comfort is on a mission to make sure his film Audacity doesn’t end up at the bottom of the IMDb Worst Movies list (where his buddy Kirk Cameron‘s film ended up last year). So he tweeted this yesterday:

By Hemant Mehta|Friendly Atheist

Image. Friendly Atheist

This is another one of those lies Christians tell themselves when living in a Persecution Bubble.

In Comfort’s mind, there’s no possible way his movie is just flat-out, objectively awful. So there must be some conspiracy to make it look bad.

I promise you I never got the memo from Richard Dawkins to manipulate the movie’s ratings.

But there’s an easy way to test his theory. Let’s just look at what the reviews said before Comfort’s tweet went out. If the movie’s ratings were just being “hijacked” by atheists, then you’d expect the reviews to offer nothing of substance.

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