Welp, Here’s a Blow-Up Doll You Can Do Sex at in Virtual Reality

Your porn dreams—or nightmares—may finally be coming true with the advent of virtual reality.

By Emanuel Maiberg|MOTHERBOARD

We’ve seen plenty of porn companies start producing virtual reality videos, but it’s not often we see something you can physically hump like horny little dog, like the virtual reality-enabled blow-up sex doll in the video above.

Maybe that’s for the best, because while we can’t speak for the user experience, it’s not a pretty sight. According to Kotaku, the video was captured at Ocufes 2015, an Oculus Rift-focused conference in Japan. The headless and limbless torso, which is dressed in some kind of school girl uniform, mind you, contains an iPhone which tracks its movements. This will supposedly let you see a character in virtual reality respond to each thrust accordingly, much like the Tenga virtual reality sex toy.

According to the YouTube description, the creator behind this abomination hasn’t given it an official name, but is currently calling it „Space Battleship Girlfriend.“