Douchebaggery in Zambia: Expel Evolution Theory From Schools


The evolution theory must be expelled from every Zambian school because it has proved to be scientifically questionable and at the same time a tool for the repression of the black race.

By Charles Kachikoti|allAfrica

Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution by natural selection in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species which draw from decades of scientific probe into evolution ideas going back through the ages.

The theory said in various species, only some of the offspring could possibly survive; and for this reason, in generations to come, offspring better adapted to survive and reproduce would replace those that could not survive.

Such ‚replacement‘ he called ’natural selection.‘ The theory also said individuals or organisms existed with different form and structure, different physical qualities and different behaviour. Such diverse traits determined different rates of survival and reproduction; and such traits could be passed from generation to generation.

Evolutionism was a common 19th century belief that organisms improve themselves from within, through change that has been inherited over time, and such organisms become increasingly complex as they evolve. Today, the belief has spawned ideas such as cultural evolution, social evolution, political evolution, economic evolution, technological evolution and others which attempt to explain human development.

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  1. Man kann kaum besser zeigen, dass der Mensch nicht „die Krone der Schöpfung“ (von wem auch immer) ist. Leute, die so „argumentieren“, sind wissenschaftliche Illiteraten auf dem Weg zurück zum voraufklärerischen Vollreligioten. Allerdings beweist das auch, dass Evolution (hier kulturelle) nicht notwendig „aufwärts“ strebt, sondern zufällige Richtungen einschlägt. 🙂

    Gefällt mir

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