RT’s(Russia Today) Mindblowing Bullshit About The LHC

Bild aus der Bauzeit des LHC. ©CERN
Bild aus der Bauzeit des LHC.
The completely legitimate and always hard-hitting news organization RT has some concerns about the Large Hadron Collider. Turns out that its conspiracy mindedness and pandering extends all the way down to subatomic scales, where the planet’s largest science experiment is variously attempting to pierce the underworld, unleash a reign of dark matter terror, and, via the elusive „God particle,“ destroy the universe itself in a cataclysm of collapsing space and time.

By Michael Byrne|MOTHERBOARD

The best approach to RT, InfoWars (which syndicated the piece in question), and the surrounding culture is to ignore it, but since Google decided to serve this bizarre listicle to me this morning under the guise of „news,“ and I, against my better intuition, decided to read it, lets sink some of the more egregious bullshit it presents because you probably have some friend in Portland that will post this with some shrewd commentary like „WHAT THEFUCK!? SHUT IT DOWN. FLOUUUURRRIDE!“

Some selections:

There may be another reason for the CERN super collider being buried hundreds of feet underground: The unbelievable hot temperatures it can reach. How hot you ask? Well, about as hot as conditions in the Universe after the Big Bang, or more than 100,000-times the temperature at the center of the Sun. This will be achieved, CERN says, by accelerating and colliding together two beams of heavy ions, an epic scientific event that will take place next month.

The LHC has been colliding heavy ions since its inception. In 2010, when the project first went online, it actually became the second facility in the world to regularly collide heavy ions at relativistic speeds. The first was the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider at Brookhaven labs, which launched in 2000. Heavy ion collisions are the substance of high-energy nuclear physics itself. They also happen to occur continuously in the upper atmosphere via incoming high-energy cosmic rays.

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