Why homeopathy must not gain a foothold in the UK

Traditional’ homeopathic medicine bottles. Flickr/Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, CC BY-ND
Despite the NHS stating that “homeopathy performs no better than placebos”, support for the practice still prevails. The reason why may be that two small, but important, subgroups in the UK support it: the Royal family and some members of the political establishment.


Not only is homeopathy unsafe and ineffective, but with the support of the Royals such as the Queen and the secret lobbying of Prince Charles in favour of funding it on the NHS, it also has the potential to cause a ridiculous constitutional crisis. And by gaining more influence within political circles, the chances of it being included on the NHS are higher than ever.

The Queen has had a homeopath by royal appointment for quite some time. Her royal dispenser, Peter Fisher of the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine, hasn’t exactly shied away from lobbying the government to provide homeopathy on the NHS – despite much of his own profession being opposed to the idea and calling for it to be banned.

When it comes to Prince Charles‘ support for homeopathy, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. His lobbying became ever more apparent in the wake of the black spider letters.

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