Google Tackles Future of Health By Funding Pro-Tech Insurance Startup Oscar

Image: Serious Wonder
Our current healthcare system is broken. Despite the amazing success of President Obama’s Affordable Healthcare Act, there still remains 7% of the entire U.S. population (around 44 million people) who still don’t attain healthcare insurance.

By B.J. Murphy|Serious Wonder

Not only that, as we continue growing technologically, the currently available insurance companies don’t appear to be pushing a pro-technology position in which the insured can afford said technologies.

That is all going to change if insurance startup Oscar Health has anything to say about it, and Google is joining them on the ride!

Even for those who do have health insurance, one of the most common problems that the insured run into is the inability of understanding what everything means. Where can someone acquire the best available healthcare of which your insurance will cover? Is there anyway in which we can bridge the divide between patients and doctors with the help of our insurance providers? Oscar Health believes they can finally answer these questions and bridge those gaps by embracing modern technology.

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