Solid Share: New Software That Open-Sources 3D Printing For Free

Photo Credit: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – Australia
Photo Credit: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet – Australia
The prospect of the open-source movement is in its willingness to develop a future that allows the entire say and role of society in the development of ideas, discoveries, and developments. As we progress technologically, it’ll be a requirement that people work together if we’re to ensure future conflicts don’t occur, such as those in our present.


With that in mind, tech company SolidFace has taken a crucial step forward by developing new software that’ll make the entire process of creating, sharing, selling, and printing 3D designs completely free! Say hello to Solid Share.

Having already contributed in the 3D printing industry through their years of experience in developing computer-aided design (CAD) software, SolidFace is now focusing on making said software freely available for all. Their newest project, known as Solid Share, will attempt to integrate an entire community network with that of a free platform using professional CAD applications. Under this platform, Solid Share hopes that in-home manufacturing will then flourish as a result, allowing anyone and everyone to gain access to professional equipment that normally would only be available to those who could afford it.

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