Magic Leap Releases New Demo of their Augmented Reality Technology

Photo Credit: Magic Leap
Photo Credit: Magic Leap
The near future will be a mixed reality where both physical and virtual objects share the same space. At least that’s what the mysterious company Magic Leap is hoping to achieve.


Over a year ago we were told that Magic Leap was developing something truly revolutionary using augmented reality (AR) technology. And if their latest demo is the real deal, then it’s safe to assume that they weren’t lying.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Magic Leap is currently working on an eyeglasses-device, which people will be able to wear and project virtual objects over the physical space of reality. What this means is, no matter where you are, your perception of “reality” will contain both physical and virtual objects, of which will be interactive in their own merit. Magic Leap is dreaming big, because they want to bring “magic” into our world – a reality of which nothing is impossible anymore.

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