The Transhumanist Movement Is Having an Identity Crisis

Image: The Humanist/Clay Farris Naff
Image: The Humanist/Clay Farris Naff
How many fringe movements, subcultures, and special interest groups have been torn apart by infighting right when they were at the verge of reaching a larger audience? It’s a common phenomenon that has thwarted many important discussions before they even began, and now it seems to be happening to the Transhumanist Party.


The first inkling of a rift began with a blog post on October 12 written by the leader of the UK’s Transhumanist Party, M. Amon Twyman.

“I feel that I must address the question of Zoltan Istvan,” Twyman wrote, referring to the movement’s highest-profile US figure, Zoltan Istvan. (Full disclosure: Istvan writes an occasional column for Motherboard.)

Istvan is currently running a symbolic campaign for US President under the banner of the Transhumanist Party, but other transhumanists are calling the legitimacy and legality of his campaign into question, as well as how he’s portrayed himself within the movement.

“Recently we have heard a lot of disgruntled mumblings about schism, and disunity within the movement,” Twyman wrote. “Once such issue has involved unilateral statements made by Zoltan Istvan, ostensibly on behalf of the Transhumanist Party.”

Transhumanism may be too big and too multifaceted of a concept to be embodied by a central organization

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