These Japanese Researchers Are Making Holograms You Can Touch

The author’s hand on the right is “touching” a researcher’s holographic hand. Image: Emiko Jozuka
Imagine reaching out and physically shaking someone’s holographic hand when you’re Skyping them for the first time. Or how about giving a hologram version of a friend you’re chatting with a hug while you’re in two different countries?


Haptics researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering (DCSE) are aiming to make this a reality.

They’ve invented “Haptoclone,” an interactive system that allows for an experience they’ve dubbed “telehaptics.” With Haptoclone in its current form, you can send a holographic image of, say, your hand from one box to another box in front of another person. The cool thing is that Haptoclone also lets the other person experience the illusion of touching your holographic hand in their box.

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