Here’s how ISIS uses amphetamines to create brainwashed, psychotic killing-machines

Islamic State (IS) militants threatened to kill British hostage David Haines in a chilling video that was released on September 2, 2014 (AFP/SITE Intelligence Group)
U.S. officials are reporting that ISIS is supplying its fighters with an amphetamine called “Captagon”. This Adderall for jihadists—or as Stephen Colbert has called it, “Jihadderall”—allows soldiers to fight for days on end without sleep, and instills in them a feeling of invincibility. 

By Bobby Azarian|RawStory

One captured ISIS militant told CNN that these pills have effects that “make you go to battle not caring if you live or die.” But in addition to powerful side effects that include both auditory and visual hallucinations, scientific studies show that long term amphetamine use can damage areas of the brain that lead to more psychotic behavior, as well as a hindered ability to doubt or resist instruction. As a result, Captagon may be creating an army of brainwashed, psychotic, fearless fighters who won’t think twice about harming others or even themselves.

Courage Pills Or Crazy Pills?

After the ISIS attacks in Paris last month, French police raided a suburb and found needles that were used by the terrorists to inject Captagon, presumably to allow them to keep calm as they carried out the barbaric attack. Reports from Kurdish civilians who escaped ISIS forces in the Syrian city of Kobane described them as drug crazed. “They are filthy, with straggly beards and long black nails. They have lots of pills with them that they all keep taking. It seems to make them more crazy if anything.”

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