Europol Is Worried About Child Pornographers Using Tor on Mobile

torUsing mobile data on the go has never been easier or quicker: with 4G networks, video and other data types can be downloaded quite painlessly while out and about.


Now Europol, Europe’s law enforcement agency, is concerned that child pornographers will take advantage of faster 4G connections to make more use of the anonymity network Tor on mobile devices.

“The full implementation of 4G will give more bandwidth to mobile connections; therefore, more possibilities to exchange or download files,” a Europol spokesperson told Motherboard in an email.

4G—commonly used interchangeably with Long-Term Evolution (LTE)—is the latest iteration of consumer mobile data networks, and allows quicker downloads of video, high quality images or other data. It’s already been around for a few years in the US, but service providers are steadily churning out 4G functionality to more of their customers. Tor can visibly slow down a user’s browsing speed, so using the network with 4G connectivity might speed up the process of transferring data.

„Following the implementation of 4G it is envisaged that Tor users will also be in favour of accessing the network through mobile devices“

“Access to Tor through mobile devices will give more anonymity [to] the users of this technology,” Europol said. “The spread of anonymisation technologies to mobile devices will entail a new layer of difficulty for the investigations and the capacity to identify offenders.”

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