Robertson: “David Bowie Is Not Dead, He Was Kidnapped By Demons Summoned By Rock Music”


Recently on “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson fielded a question from a teenage viewer who wanted to know if it is a sin to listen to rock music.

By Lea Vat Kens|NEWSLO

The televangelist said that while people shouldn’t try to completely avoid mainstream music, they should be wary of listening to songs that may contain violent, satanic lyrics and beats that could summon demonic beings. “It depends on what rock you’re listening to,” he said. “Some of the stuff is just evil. They used to talk about killing your parents. There were odes to Satan. You don’t want that stuff coming into your mind. In one Indian context, they were playing rock music and the person said, ‘Why are you calling on the demons?’ because that was the kind of music they used to summon demons.”

“And it’s true, just look at what happened to David Bowie,” Robertson continued. “I mean, here you have a person who everybody is referring to as a legendary musician, an innovator, someone who changed the course of pop music history. In reality, Bowie was a deeply tormented gay drug addict, and it showed through his music and on his face. I mean, just take a look at any picture of him and tell me that’s not true. Tell me he doesn’t look like he just finished having a gay orgy, complete with a ton of drugs. And now people think he is dead. I’m kind of thinking, na-aah, no way. I’m thinking the demons kidnapped him to entertain them in Hell, because they got tired of mainstream punk-rock, and suddenly decided they were in the mood for some ‘Space Oddity.’”