Indian Man May Be First Ever Confirmed Meteorite Death

Image: C m handler/Wiki/Wiki
Image: C m handler/Wiki/Wiki
On Saturday, a mysterious explosion at the Bharathidasan Engineering College in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu left one dead and three injured. According to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, the cause of the explosion was determined to be a meteorite, e.g. a piece of a comet or asteroid that makes it to Earth’s surface.

By Daniel Oberhaus|MOTHERBOARD

The victim of the meteorite explosion was a bus driver for the college. He was reportedly walking near one of the college’s buildings when the meteorite struck the ground close by, shattering the windows of the building and leaving a crater in the Earth. The man sustained serious injuries from the fallout and was pronounced dead on Saturday. In a statement released Sunday, Jayalalithaa promised 100,000 rupees (approximately $1,600 USD) to the family of the deceased and 25,000 rupees (approximately $400 USD) to each of the other three injured victims.

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