Here’s Apple’s Prepared Testimony to Congress About the FBI’s iPhone Backdoor

Image: Microsiervos/Flickr
The Apple-FBI saga moves from the courthouse to Congress on Tuesday, when the House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing about the future of encryption. The hearing will question FBI Director James Comey, as well as Apple vice president and general counsel Bruce Sewell, New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., and Worcester Polytechnic Institute professor Susan Landau. Unfortunately, Comey and Sewell’s hearings will be separate, so they won’t face off directly.

By Jason Koebler|MOTHERBOARD

Apple sent reporters Sewell’s prepared remarks Monday morning. While there’s nothing groundbreaking in the remarks (he reiterates that helping the FBI in this case would fundamentally make all iPhones less secure), the venue change is notable. Apple argued in its legal response to the FBI that the encryption debate is one that should play out in Congress, not the courts. A hearing doesn’t necessarily mean legislation is imminent, but it does suggest that lawmakers are paying attention to what’s going on in California right now.

Here are Sewell’s prepared testimony; we’ll have more tomorrow during and after the hearing.

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