‘God Loves Uranus’: A Counterprotest of a Westboro Baptist Church NASA Protest

On Monday, some people over at the notoriously hateful and absurd Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest at NASA headquarters in Washington DC, apparently because NASA’s planetary defense program interferes with God’s plan to allow Earth to be destroyed by an asteroid.

By Jason Koebler|MOTHERBOARD

This is something we would ignore entirely were it not for the fact that two women—Margaret Hart, an astronomer who currently does STEM outreach at Johns Hopkins University and her friend, Amy Callner, a teachers union researcher—dressed up in the outfits you see above and staged a delightful counter protest on their way to a science conference.

“When else are we going to get to roller skate down the street with foil hats on holding a sign that says God Loves Uranus? Some folks say ignore them, but that’s no fun,” Callner told me. “We’ll see your stupid and raise it, WBC.”

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  1. So, so… Gott, allmächtig, wird also von dem NASA Asteroidenabwehr-Programm behindert, s. d. er die Unterstützung der Westboro Baptist Church braucht, um dieser „Behinderung“ zu begegnen… Merken die Typen wirklich nicht, wie grottendämlich so ein geistloses Konstrukt ist?

    Gefällt mir

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