What Trump said about punishing women who seek abortions was just part of the GOP’s actual agenda


In psychological terms, Donald Trump is living proof of the validity of some Freudian theories about certain men’s feelings of inadequacy. In political terms, Trump is the Republican Party’s Id. Mainstream Republicans are panicked by Trump not because of the substance of what he says, but because he uses a bullhorn to broadcast what they’d prefer to dogwhistle. Trump’s recent comment about imprisoning women who have abortions was just the latest example.

By Laurence Lewis | DAILY KOS

Given the strong backlash, it was no surprise that Trump immediately backtracked, ultimately taking five positions in five days. It’s long been clear that Trump neither knows nor cares about most political policies, and is running mostly out of sheer narcissism. His only real convictions seem to be revealed in his endless spew of bigotry.

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