Creationist Ken Ham faces wrath of Twitter over rant about ‘secularists’ making fun of his ‘stupid’ ark

Ken Hamm and wife Mally in front of theme park ark — Ken Ham Twitter
After premiering one of  the first commercials promoting his Ark Encounter theme park, creationist Ken Ham took to Twitter to rage at the secularists whom he thinks “want to suppress the wickedness of man” by making fun of his tax-funded religious entertainment center.

By Tom Boggioni | RawStory

Ham,  who heads up Answers in Genesis — a Christian ministry dedicated to disproving evolution by using the Bible to explain that Earth is only 6,000 years old — went off in a Twitter rant Monday morning  complaining about non-believers making “moral judgments” that he believes mocks God’s words.

On Twitter, Ham wrote: “Secularists accuse God of being immoral as He judged at the Flood but ignore the fact they’ve no absolute basis to make any moral judgment,” before later tweeting, “Secularists mock at because they want to suppress the wickedness of man and that we’re all under judgment by a Holy God.”

He continued, “Secularists mock as they don’t want to acknowledge they are in need of the Ark of salvation–Noah’s Ark is a picture of Jesus.”

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