I Was Brainwashed by a Feminist Digital Cult Leader

A few months ago I received an unusual invitation. A woman called Unicole Unicron, who’d read one of my articles on gender and artificial intelligence reached out to ask if I’d like to join a sect called 3V3, comprised of women witches working at the intersection of magic and technology, with the goal of “matriarchal change in the digital realm.”

By Leigh Alexander | MOTHERBOARD

Unicole is the leader of UNICULT, which she describes as a communal framework for promoting joy. In this strange but unexpectedly gentle and compelling video, she says that following a suicide attempt, the belief that she is an incarnation of a divine being of light helped her heal, and inspired her to want to help others.

At the beginning of this year she quit her job at IBM to become, in her words, a “full time pop star and cult leader.” She’s released several homemade, cybertwee-aesthetic music videos, which criticize consumerism and promote spiritual and feminist ideals. In #GIRLPOWER, Unicole twirls and intones in sheer fabrics and undereye sparkles, against a backing track of the words “virginity, divinity” continuously repeating. In Pop Spirituality, she interrogates sacredness while wearing giant feathered angel wings and an emoji dress.

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