Ray Comfort: We Can’t Give Atheists Political Power Because They Slaughter People

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Evangelist Ray Comfort, whose latest book is titled Fat Chance: Why Pigs Will Fly Before America has an Atheist President, went on conservative radio host Janet Mefferd‘s show last week to explain why atheists shouldn’t have political power.

By Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist

Short answer: We’re immoral heathens, every one of us.

Atheists have caused 110 million deaths in the last hundred years,” Comfort said. “Stalin, 60 million, he was an atheist. Mao, 40 million, and he was an atheist. Pol Pot, 1.7 million, he was an atheist. Vladimir Lenin, 5 million people slaughtered, he was an atheist. And so when people realize that, you can’t trust an atheist in a position of authority, especially politically. They may be nice people when you meet them in the street, but you give them power to do what they want and carry out their own agendas and you’re gonna find that they don’t have any moral high ground to stand on ‘cause they’re not standing on any whatsoever.”

To paraphrase: These obvious monsters who killed people — not in the name of atheism, but to advance their personal brand of dogma — represent atheists everywhere.

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