Hagee: Pro-Israel evangelicals will ‘storm’ US voting booths

HP der Cornerstone Church. Screenshot brightsblog
HP der Cornerstone Church. Screenshot brightsblog
Praising but not quite endorsing Trump, leader of 3-million strong Christian powerhouse group CUFI says when it tells candidates to beef up support for Israel, they listen

By Rebecca Shimoni Stoil | The Times of Israel

Almost 400 miles away from Cleveland, sweltering in a Washington, DC heat wave, thousands of potential voters stood on their feet, opening their arms in testimony, waving American and Israeli flags and vowing that for Zion’s sake, their voices would be anything but silent.

Christians United for Israel’s annual summit was booked years in advance of the announcement that the Republican Party would hold its nominating convention in Cleveland the same week, but the powerful grassroots-based organization sees itself as playing a central role in the drama that continues to unfold in the 2016 elections cycle – and beyond.

The organization sprang to its feet in advance of the Republican convention, when the platform committee sat down to draft party doctrine for the coming election. CUFI sought to restore language describing Jerusalem as “undivided” – asserting support for Israel’s claims over all of the city, on either side of the Green Line.

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