Mike Pence in 2002: We “Have Seen the Consequence Over the Last 77 Years” of Teaching Evolution

Screenshot: Friendly Atheist
When it comes to discerning Vice Presidential nominee Mike Pence‘s views on evolution (and, therefore, science in general), all we could point to for a long time was a 2009 interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews (when Pence was a House Representative) in which they discussed his beliefs:

By Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist

MATTHEWS: You want to educate the American people about science and its relevance today. Do you believe in evolution, sir?

PENCE: Uh, do I believe in evolution? I embrace the view that God created the Heavens and the Earth, the Seas, and all that’s in them.

MATTHEWS: Right, but do you believe in evolution as the way He did it?

PENCE: The means, Chris, that He used to do that, I can’t say. But I do believe in that fundamental truth.

MATTHEWS: Did you take biology in school? Did you take science, which is all based on evolutionary belief and assumption?… If your party wants to be credible on science, you gotta accept science. Do you accept science?

PENCE: … On the global warming issue, I know that in the mainstream media…

MATTHEWS: See, now you’re hedging. This is why people don’t trust Republicans.

PENCE: In the mainstream media, Chris, there is a denial of the growing skepticism in the scientific community about global warming…

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