Are the Aliens Trying to Extinguish an Entire Star?

KIC 8462852 in UV and IR, Image: NASA/Wikimedia Commons
KIC 8462852 in UV and IR, Image: NASA/Wikimedia Commons
It’s surely too early to say what their motivations might be—or what they even look like and whether they think that humans are cool or lame—but a paper posted this week to the arXiv pre-print server makes it all too clear that aliens are attempting to destroy an entire star.

By Michael Byrne | MOTHERBOARD

While the paper conspicuously avoids speculating about whether or not the aliens are accomplishing this via a so-far unknown controlled dark matter quenching mechanism or, more realistically, just a bunch of ice hurled by the controlled detonation of one or even several frozen moons, it declares in no uncertain terms that the brightness of the F-type main sequence star KIC 8462852 decreased monotonically over a four year period of observation via NASA’s Kepler planet-stalking space telescope, for a total .9 percent decline.

„F-type main sequence star KIC 8462852“ should already ring a bell. Last fall it made headlines when astronomers determined that it’s flickering erratically. Every so often at seemingly random intervals, the star dips in brightness by about 20 percent. Conspiracy theorists immediately jumped on such far-fetched explanations as the star coexisting with a bunch of comet fragments that sometimes block it out, or that it’s the star’s own awkward shape/motion causing „gravity darkening.“

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