The White Supremacist Roots of Evangelicalism

A 1959 protest against school desegregation in Little Rock, Arkansas. One of the signs reads, “Stop the Race Mixing March of the Anti-Christ”. Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
I came across an anguished essay by Amy Gannett, a millennial evangelical writer, that’s titled “How Evangelicals are Losing an Entire Generation“.

By Adam Lee | Daylight Atheism

With a teaser like that, I just had to read on, and I wasn’t disappointed. In the post, she explains how Donald Trump’s nomination is resulting in her “losing faith in Evangelicals”:

This morning, I had no more than opened the app on my phone and there it was: Wayne Gruedem’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

Maybe you’re unfamiliar with Grudem, but most church leaders and many Christians are not. He wrote the basic systemic theology that has not only been touted among evangelicals as the primary source of Christian systematic theology for the modern day, but it is the 1200-page book that I was required to read in Bible school and seminary – not once, not twice, but three times. Grudem is the head of the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, a gathering of Christian leaders that believe in a particular model of gender roles that we call conservative Complementarianism, and work to see that vision come to life in homes, churches, and society. A leader among leaders, he is the Evangelical trump card (pun intended).

Wayne Grudem, like the other evangelical heavyweights in Trump’s corner, says that Christians have a “moral imperative” to vote for the alleged billionaire. Like most old-school evangelicals, he sees Christianity as identical with doctrinaire conservatism – he lists cutting taxes and rolling back Obamacare as Christian priorities equal in importance to banning abortion and same-sex marriage – and is willing to bet that Trump would give him at least some of what he wants, whereas he’s sure Hillary Clinton would give him nothing.

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