A New George Carlin Album Will Be Out Next Month, Eight Years After His Death

Screenshot via YouTube
George Carlin recorded his special Complaints and Grievances on November 17, 2001. As with all of his albums, he had been working on the material for much of the previous year, testing out various permutations of the jokes on the road leading up to the big event. And a bit called “I Kinda Like It When a Lot of People Die” ended up on the cutting room floor after September 11 for obvious reasons. (That was also going to be the title of the special before the tragedy.)

By Hemant Mehta | Fiendly Atheist

That routine, in which Carlin discussed his joy in witnessing disasters likes famines and tornadoes, along with never-before-heard interviews and comedy bits, will be released by his estate next month as part of a new album (using that same original title).

You can hear some of the controversial bit below — the recording was made on the day before 9/11. It becomes apparent rather quickly why Carlin decided not to include this routine when he recorded his special:

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