Tattoué the Robot Could Be Your Next Tattoo Artist

Ever fear that your tattoo won’t come out exactly as you planned? This tattooing robot could eliminate the risk of human error—but the process is still just as painful.

By Madison Margolin | MOTHERBOARD

Pierre-Emmanuel Meunier and Johan da Silveira from Autodesk’s Pier 9, a creative workshop for artists in residence, created tattoué, a robot that draws tattoos onto human skin, using techniques from 3D printing.

First, the team reconfigured a 3D printer and enabled it to use a needle. The industrial size robot, a machine so big it could be working behind massive barricades, concentrates all its energy into the tiny point on the tip of the needle as it interacts directly with a human.

Before starting the tattoo, the person’s body part must be scanned in order to translate and feed the information to the robot. The body part scan is then input into a graphical parametric designing program in order to apply the graphics of the tattoo onto the surface of the skin.

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