Free Isn´ t Freedom: Big Tech’s Big Trick

I just saw “Now You See Me 2.” It stars Daniel Radcliffe as diabolical tech magnate Walter Mabry, who’s a cross between Mark Zuckerberg and Lord Voldemort. According to the movie narration, Mabry and his associates “destroy people’s lives, spying on the world… selling privacy to increase their profit.” They also dispose of people in horrific ways, sometimes while laughing evilly. Ha ha ha!

By Robert Epstein | MOTHERBOARD

It’s the job of the elite magicians called The Horsemen—played by Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Lizzy Caplan—to spin their magic to expose the bad guys, forcing them to “step into the light.”

The movie is ludicrous but it’s also a fanciful metaphor for a real-life situation being played out everyday on the internet. Do such bad guys really exist? Except for the horrific, remorseless killings (as far as I know), an increasing body of evidence suggests they do. A small number of huge companies really are spying on the world, violating our privacy to increase their profit, and, as I document in my recent essay, “The New Censorship,” at times, destroying people’s lives.

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