Illegal Wildlife Traders Aren’t Welcome on the Dark Web

Image: Violet Wave/Flickr
Image: Violet Wave/Flickr
Wildlife traders attempting to use the dark web to illegally flog rare and exotic animals are getting flamed by other users, a privacy expert has told Motherboard.

By Ben Sullivan | MOTHERBOARD

Joss Wright, a research fellow at the Oxford Internet Institute, said that during his research on wildlife trade in anonymous marketplaces, he found that traders suggesting sales of live animals are usually met with “vitriol.”

While the dark web is no stranger to illegal sales of drugs, porn, and fake IDs, Wright suggested that illegal wildlife trade coming out of countries such as China and Kenya is just not culturally accepted by a majority of dark web users.

“They consider drugs as very much a victimless crime, and it’s very much a political standpoint,” said Wright.

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