Swedish Scientist Begins Editing Human DNA in Healthy Embryos

Image: Dr Yorgos Nikas/Science Photo Library
Image: Dr Yorgos Nikas/Science Photo Library
Whether creating GM crops or making animals disease-resistant, gene-editing has always faced harsh criticism. One fear is how altering human DNA in embryos could recklessly create a fatal genetic disease that would exist for generations.

By Jelor Gallego | FUTURISM

Despite this, one researcher is attempting the most controversial type of gene editing on earth. Developmental biologist Fredrik Lanner is the first researcher to ever modify the DNA of healthy human embryos.

Lanner, who works at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, is editing genes in human embryos to see how they regulate early embryonic development. He’s specifically targeting genes crucial to normal embryonic growth to learn more about infertility, miscarriages, stem cells, and how to treat debilitating conditions.

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