One of America’s Biggest Meat Companies Just Invested in Vegan Burgers

One of America’s most carnivorous companies, Tyson Foods, is cashing in on the growing popularity of meatless meat. Tyson Foods announced Monday it has invested in Beyond Meat, snapping up a 5 percent share in the vegan food company.

By Kaleigh Rogers | MOTHERBOARD

Earlier this year, Whole Foods began selling Beyond Burgers—Beyond Meat’s plant-based protein hamburger patty that “bleeds” when you grill it—right next to its real burgers in the meat cooler. As the plant-based competition begins to literally bump up against traditional protein sources, meat producers are taking notice.

Tyson is one of the world’s largest food processors, producing everything from chicken and bacon to prepared foods like cooked pasta dishes and soup. It brought in more than $40 billion in sales during 2015’s fiscal year. The fact that the company deemed Beyond Meat—a Silicon Valley startup with backers including Bill Gates and the Humane Society of the United States—worthy of investment is a significant moment for the growing plant-based food market.

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