Plants Are So Awesome, Their Roots Can Sense Light Underground

Plants are more hi-tech than you thought: a new study published today in Science Signaling reveals that certain plant stems act like fiber optic cables to deliver light from the leaves to the roots so they can grow. This is a cool finding because it shows parts of the plant that never actually see the sky are still sensitive to light.

By Meredith Rutland Bauer | MOTHERBOARD

The study, run by more than a dozen researchers from institutions in South Korea and Germany, hopes the results can be used to determine the best lighting conditions for growing some plants.

Having a better understanding of how plants use light means we can grow various plants in greenhouses more effectively. And if you want year-round tomatoes, that makes a difference.

Light isn’t as simple as illumination when it comes to plants. It’s a source of energy, and a signal that regulates most functions within the plant.

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