Neither Male Nor Female Birth Control Should Make People Feel Like Crap

Much noise has been made this week about a study on a male birth control injection. The good news is that the hormonal contraceptive worked: it was 96 percent effective at preventing pregnancy in the trial population. The bad news is that it caused a lot of negative side effects, including depression, leading a review board to terminate the study.

By Kaleigh Rogers | MOTHERBOARD

If you read the trending headlines on the topic, though, the study was ended because men are big babies who can’t handle the mild side effects that women on the pill endure all the time. Others lamented that it perpetuated a double standard. But multiple doctors (and Vox’s Julia Belluz) have pointed out that this is straight up inaccurate and also completely misses the point: We all need, and deserve, better birth control.

Some of the criticism stems from the understandable place of anger over the horrendous history of women’s birth control testing, which ignored serious health risks in early trials. But that should only be a lesson to us to hold all future testing, for men and women, to higher and safer standards.

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