Too Far: Dunkin Donuts Holiday Cup Is Richard Dawkins Giving The Finger

I consider myself a reasonable woman. Although I’m disappointed by Starbucks’ choice to eliminate Christmas from their holiday cup designs in recent years, I’m not the type to get up in arms about little things like that. But after Dunkin Donuts revealed their new holiday cups, I couldn’t stay silent any longer.

By Emily Davidove | AboveAverage

When I stopped into Dunkin Donuts yesterday, I was greeted by a terrible surprise when the cashier handed me my hot chocolate in their new holiday cup. There was no Christmas motif, no red and green, and not a seasonal snowflake to be found. It was just the Dunkin Donuts logo and a picture of notorious atheist Richard Dawkins giving me the finger. I asked to speak to the manager immediately.

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Ein Gedanke zu “Too Far: Dunkin Donuts Holiday Cup Is Richard Dawkins Giving The Finger

  1. I can’t imagine a corporation allowing that to pass review. Regardless of the Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday issue (who cares?), this is just obscene, a poor way to represent the corporation in the holiday season. I’d stop buying their product simply because the finger is directed at me, the customer. Axxholes!

    Gefällt mir

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