What a Trump Presidency Means For Science


It’s hard to predict what President Donald Trump (yeah, I said it) will do when he takes office. The newly elected GOP candidate has not spent much time outlining specific policies or plans for the future.


But Trump has hinted at some concrete actions he will take regarding science and technology—and with a Republican-controlled Congress, it’s very likely he will be able to push at least some of these executive decisions forward.

Here are areas to watch carefully starting next year.


Trump has repeatedly vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which was created to extend both government-subsidized and private health insurance to all Americans. He wants to replace it with free-market health care, in which Americans buy from private insurance companies.

It will be important to track health insurance premiums—i.e. how much you pay for health insurance, if you have it—over the next four years, as well as government health programs like Medicaid. Decisions on Obamacare will also influence the price of drugs, the practice of medicine, and reproductive health.

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