How We Plan to Cover the Environment In a Trump Presidency


Our nation is about to embark on a four year journey under the presidency of Donald Trump, a demagogue who successfully agitated a rash of scientific doubt throughout his campaign. A man who once called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese. A man who promised the working class that he’d revive a dying coal industry so vigorously, yet so impossibly, that it would increase GDP by $100 billion annually and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for Americans.

By Sarah Emerson | MOTHERBOARD

While many aspects of his leadership are ambiguous for now—Trump skimped on policy details during the election—the impact of his appointments will likely resonate throughout the environment, climate, and energy industry. And for anyone still doubting the force of his impact, Trump has spoken in plain words about dismantling the framework that many believe would have reduced carbon emissions and weaned us off fossil fuel power.

During his speech today, President Obama said that in spite of the new course that’s been charted for our nation, “we’re all on the same team.” For many citizens, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, and that’s why our environmental coverage must reflect the social disparity of issues pertaining to climate, energy, and science.

Now more than ever, topics that may have seemed esoteric or elitist to some must be explored in the interest of communities, families, and individuals everywhere. With a persuasive science-skeptic helming our country, we can’t afford to increase the partisan divide any wider than it already is, especially when the threat of climate change is most certainly a global one.

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