White Supremacists Are Still Using Twitter Ads to Spread Their Message

Image: Dawn Knight/Flickr
Image: Dawn Knight/Flickr
Just hours after Twitter heralded the introduction of new ways to combat trolls, some users have reported seeing sponsored ads from a white supremacist group on their feeds.

By Ben Sullivan | MOTHERBOARD

Los Angeles musician and writer Ariana Lenarsky screencapped a promoted ad from an account associated with a neo-Nazi white supremacist organisation called New Order. The ad was promoting a news article on New Order’s website titled “The United States Was Founded as a White People’s Republic”—the ads and the account itself, @New_Order_1488, have now been removed and suspended.

Twitter’s own hateful conduct policy specifically prohibits content that “targets people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.” While Twitter does not comment on individual accounts, a spokesperson told Motherboard „it looks like the screenshot in that tweet is either old or photoshopped.“

Motherboard spoke to Lenarsky, who provided timestamps to confirm that the image is not photoshopped, and that several other users had seen the ad too. „Twitter normalized, promoted, and profited off of Nazi white supremacy propaganda,“ Lenarsky told Motherboard. „I should not have to explain to Twitter why promoting Nazi propaganda on their website is a dangerous and immoral thing to do.“ Lenarsky added she will not be using Twitter again until the company apologizes.

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