The Only Faces Men Recognize Better Than Women Are Transformers

If you know the difference between the steely-eyed expression on Optimus Prime’s robot-face, and the vaguely innocent wide-eyed look of Bumblebee, you likely grew up with them, and since Transformers are traditionally toys for boys, you’re likely male.

By Samantha Cole | MOTHERBOARD

In most cases, women are better at recognizing faces, but when it comes to Transformer faces, it seems that childhood experience has finally given men the edge in in facial recognition.

Men tend to be better than women at this highly useful and totally not-absurd skill, according to a new study from Vanderbilt University published in Vision Research, which tested people’s ability to recognize the faces of familiar childhood toys.

“This is the first category of faces where men do better than women,” lead researcher Isabel Gauthier said. All previous research has shown that women are better than men at facial recognition in general, or that there isn’t a difference between genders in how they recognize faces.

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