Bishop claims to make men’s penises larger by massaging them with his hands

He was filmed grabbing men’s groins. (Picture: CEN)
He was filmed grabbing men’s groins. (Picture: CEN)
Ghanaian preacher Daniel Obinim has been filmed performing a ritual where he moves around a room full of men, grabbing them each by the crotch.

By Ashitha Nagesh | Church and State

In some cases, he will keep hold of their penises and give them a little shake.

Graciously, he also offers to massage women’s breasts in order to enlarge them too.

In a scene broadcast on his own channel, Obinim TV, the bishop says: ‘If you do not like the looks of any part of your body, come to me.

‘What do you want that I can’t offer? If you want big buttocks I can do it for you. If you want big breasts, I can help. If you have a small manhood, I can change them all when I come to the spiritual realm.’

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