Harassed Jewish Journalist Creates Twitter Bot to Troll the Trolls

Image: Twitter/MOTHERBOARD
Image: Twitter/MOTHERBOARD
What’s the best way to deal with internet trolls? Troll ‚em back. As the second most harassed Jewish journalist on Twitter, according to the Anti-Defamation League, Yair Rosenberg teamed up with web developer Neal Chandra to create a Twitter bot called Imposter Buster to fight anti-semitism.

By Madison Margolin | MOTHERBOARD

In his Tablet article, Rosenberg describes a particular set of internet trolls who impersonate Jews or other minorities and post racist Tweets to make it look like said demographics they’re targeting are bigoted. For example, one troll who named himself Yehuda Finkelstein on Twitter used a Wikipedia picture of a prominent ultra-Orthodox rabbi, Shlomo Goldman, as his avatar.

However, unless you have a keen sense for these types of trolls, they would get away with their impersonations—that is, until now. Rosenberg and Chandra designed the Imposter Buster to automatically respond and call out the impersonators every time they Tweet. For example, the bot will Tweet, „FYI, this account is a racist impersonating a Jew to defame Jews“ in a reply to accounts like Yehuda Finkelstein’s.

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