It’s Almost 2017, So of Course People Are Smoking Weed With Lasers

If you’re yearning for the aesthetic that brought you those rad Lifetouch yearbook photo backgrounds, but also want to get blazed out of your skull because it’s legal in a bunch of states now and, why not? Well, you’re in luck.

By Samantha Cole | MOTHERBOARD

Some marijuana purists prefer to avoid butane methods for igniting their bud. Vapes and hemp create a cleaner-tasting smoke, but what if you’re in more of a vaporwave mind? Two days ago, Youtuber “Oregon Marijuana (Jake)” posted a video of himself smoking a bowl using a really big, high-powered laser. That’s raised a few questions from us: Are there more like him? Have they all lasered their eyes out by now?

It turns out the answer to that first question at least is a hearty, “jeah brah!” Although it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific date or person responsible for pioneering the trend of smoking weed with lasers, high-powered consumer lasers have been on the market since the turn of the millennium, and our internet sleuthing reveals the idea of using them to burn cannabis for the purposes of obtaining its psychoactive effects goes back to at least 2008. Journey down the smoked-out rabbit hole with us for a retrospective into the weird, wild world of weed with lasers.

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