Wikileaks Is Bad, Anonymous Intelligence Officials Are Worse

foto: (CC-Lizenz) Wikileaks ist überall - und da lesen die Behörden natürlich gerne mit.
foto: (CC-Lizenz)
Wikileaks ist überall – und da lesen die Behörden natürlich gerne mit.
Wikileaks, once the darling of liberals everywhere and now the subject of wacko conspiracy theories about blackmail and flipped Kremlin assets, has once again ruffled feathers on Twitter by calling out some questionably-sourced reporting by NBC.

By Jordan Pearson | MOTHERBOARD

On Friday, NBC reported that an anonymous intelligence official told its reporters that US intelligence has identified the Russian source of the hacked DNC emails that were distributed by Wikileaks and arguably sunk Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. Importantly, NBC also reported that the anonymous official confirmed that “senior Russian officials [celebrated] Donald Trump’s win,” although the chatter was “subject to interpretation.“

Whose interpretation—the anonymous official’s?

Wikileaks’ response called out the anonymous official for leaking information to NBC “for political reasons” before Trump gets to read it. It’s understandable that the deference to Trump would make people angry, especially given Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s apparent support of Trump, saying that his election presented “opportunities for change.” But the response on Twitter didn’t focus on Wikileaks’ Trump fawning and instead can be summed up as: “What, Wikileaks is against leaks now?”

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