The Coldest Town on Earth Wants You to Stop Complaining

Near Oymyakon in Yakutia, Russia. Image: Maarten Takens/Flickr
Near Oymyakon in Yakutia, Russia. Image: Maarten Takens/Flickr
We all grumble and grimace as we trudge through the snow, heads down, faces firmly looking at the ground to avoid the stinging wind. When you’re just trying to go about your daily life freezing weather is uncomfortable, it’s annoying, and you always find yourself wondering why the hell anyone decided to build a town in the town that you’re living in.

By Grennan Milliken | MOTHERBOARD

It’s important to remember, however—In an attempt at finding the silver lining of the situation—that there are places much, much colder. In fact, the only people who can truthfully have the last word on complaining about the cold are the citizens of Oymyakon, Russia. The coldest town on Earth.

Oymyakon is a remote village, population size between 500 and 800, tucked away in windswept Northeastern Russia that experiences average winter temperatures of -58 degrees Fahrenheit. The lowest temperature ever recorded in this freezerbox of a town was -90 degrees Fahrenheit in 1933. To put things in perspective, the coldest temperature ever recorded on the ground was -128 degrees Fahrenheit, and that was in the inhospitable continent of Antarctica.

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