The fake news is coming from inside the White House

attribution: Alex Wong/Getty images
attribution: Alex Wong/Getty images
At last Tuesday’s press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer gave the first question of the day to a „news“ outlet you’ve probably never heard of. LifeZette is a website founded by conservative talk radio personality Laura Ingraham, herself a prior contender for a White House job. And LifeZette’s approach to the news is, like that of a host of other new websites to pop up in the last few years, conspicuously crooked.


In a video titled “Clinton Body Count,” released in April 2016, a LifeZette correspondent, over an ominous music track, suggests without evidence that the Clinton family may have had some role in John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crash, as well as deaths of various Democratic operatives. […]LifeZette also promoted the conspiracy theory — based on a leaked exchange from Wikileaks — that Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta participated in occult rituals involving blood sacrifice.

In other words, LifeZette is a fake news hub. You will recognize that last allegation as the cornerstone of what would soon go on to be known as PizzaGate, a conspiracy theory that sent an armed man into a Washington restaurant to „self-investigate“ internet claims that Clinton allies were using the basement of the small basement-less eatery to house victims of their supposed child trafficking ring. It would not be the first gunman to take it upon himself to save America from the target of a conservative radio host’s hoax-riddled ire—Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly both have notches on that post as well—and it will likely not be the last.

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