NBA Superstar Kyrie Irving: “This Is Not Even a Conspiracy Theory… The Earth Is Flat”

Image: Youtube
Image: Youtube
In case you’re wondering what NBA star Kyrie Irving thinks about the shape of the planet, you’re in luck! He talked about it on the podcast Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing around the 17:55 mark:

By Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist

“This is not even a conspiracy theory,” Irving said. “The Earth is flat.

When pressed on a response that, for the record, is flat out wrong, Irving went off the rails and blamed “particular groups” that he did not name which he thinks want to convince us the Earth is, in fact, round.

Said Irving: “It’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.

“What I’ve been taught is that the earth is round. But if you really think about it from a landscape of the way we travel, the way we move and the fact that, can you really think of us rotating around the sun and all planets aligned, rotating in specific dates, being perpendicular with what’s going on with these planets?”

He said “planets” using large quotation marks (in person).

The whole explanation is odd, since science has perfectly reasonable explanations for how all of this works. And it’s not like Irving doesn’t have access to spheres… he plays basketball. Just make the ball bigger, Kyrie, and you’ll see how this works!

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  1. Könnte es sein, dass er mal nach einem Foul ziemlich hart mit dem Kopf aufgeschlagen ist? 🙂

    Im Ernst, ich frage mich immer wieder bei den „Flatern“, wie die durch das normale Leben kommen – fast noch mehr, als bei Vollreligioten… Schon beim Fliegen in ca. 11km Höhe kann man mit bloßem Auge erkennen, dass die Erde gekrümmt ist. Aber für Flater ist das kein Beweis, denn das sind ja keine Fenster sondern NASA-gesponsorte Bildschirme, die uns nur in die Irre führen sollen. m(

    Gefällt mir

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