The Islamic State Conducted Hundreds of Drone Strikes in Less Than a Month

Anti-ISIS forces under fire south of Tal Afar, Iraq.
Anti-ISIS forces under fire south of Tal Afar, Iraq.
A database of 113 images collated by a military analyst proves the scale of the terror group’s drone effort.

By Ben Sullivan | MOTHERBOARD

Nick Waters, a military analyst at open source investigation house Bellingcat, collated the images [Dropbox]—screenshots from Islamic State’s own media channels propagating on-board video footage from bombing sorties. Waters told Motherboard that the database shows the scale of Islamic State’s drone effort.

„We’re only seeing the successful attacks: how many attacks missed, malfunctioned, [or] were shot down,“ he said. „This means there are many more drone missions we haven’t seen.“

Earlier in February, Motherboard reported on a hoard of drone-related documents belonging to Islamic State discovered in Iraq by a Harvard University researcher. Analysed by West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center, the cache of information highlight Islamic State’s creativity and innovation in drone tactics.

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