White Hat Hackers Warn Of Easy To Hack Household Robots

In the cult Japanese anime Patlabor, humanity has invented giant worker robots called „Labors,“ but a couple of them go haywire and investigators eventually find out there was malware implanted in the robots‘ new operating system update, which their company made. With the rise of consumer and household robots, that dystopian scenario might be closer to reality than we realize.

By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai | MOTHERBOARD

In fact, according to two security researchers who have studied a dozen household robots, most of the robots you can buy today have common bugs that potentially makes them hackable.

Cesar Cerrudo and Lucas Apa said they looked into the security of the SoftBank Robotics‘ NAO and Pepper, the UBTECH Robotics‘ Alpha 1S and Alpha 2, the ROBOTIS‘ OP2 and THORMANG3, among others, and found more than 50 bugs in their ecosystem.

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