The First On-Site Residential Home 3D Printed in Russia

As crazy as it might sound, 3D printed architectural structures aren’t the most sci-fi thing in our present day. But for most people, the idea of 3D printing an entire home is still considered a far-off dream. And even though we’ve witnessed the 3D printing of full-scale buildings in China, the technology was simply too young to truly disrupt the construction industry – until now.

By B.J. Murphy | Serious Wonder

Thanks to 3D printing company Apis Cor and its innovative technologies, the first on-site residential home has been printed in Russia. Partnered with PIK Group construction company, Apis Cor was able to use its mobile 3D printer at its test facility in the town of Stupino. How long did the entire printing process take? Less than a day.

The single-story residential home was specifically chosen as a means of testing out the company’s technology – in particular, its ability to 3D print under flexible conditions without issue. The printer passed in flying colors, not only showing quickness and resiliency, but equally at a relatively inexpensive price range of $10134 – approximately $275 per square meter.

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