A Hackable Dishwasher Is Connecting Hospitals to the Internet of Shit

Despite all kinds of internet-connected things getting pwned, manufacturers insist of putting stuff on the internet without any security.

By Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai | MOTHERBOARD

If it’s connected to the internet, it can be hacked. In an age where manufacturers are rushing to put any kind of device onto the internet, we’re quickly finding out that how adage holds true. Crock-pots, light bulbs, thermostats, GPS trackers for kids, billboards, and even teddy bears have all been hacked recently.

Alas, that’s not stopping anyone from connecting stuff to the internet. The German domestic-appliance giant Miele decided to make a dishwasher that can be connected to the internet and, of course, someone found out it has a bug that allows hackers to break into it, infect it with malware, and give them the opportunity to use it as leverage to hack other devices on the network.

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